About Osteopathy

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What is Osteopathy 

Osteopathy is an established, recognised, system of diagnosis and treatment laying emphasis on the structural integrity of the body. 

Osteopathic diagnosis uses many procedures involved in conventional medical assessment and diagnosis. It's main strength lies in the way the patient is assessed from a mechanical, structural, and postural standpoint, and the variety of manual methods of treatment applied to suit an individual patient's needs. Diagnosis will naturally take into account psychosocial, ergonomic, dietary and any other appropriate factors.

Osteopathy is a body wide approach to treatment. Osteopaths do not just treat back pain.

Osteopathy-getting to a problem's source, not just treating the symptoms

How do Osteopaths Treat?

High Velocity Low Amplitude Thrust-this is the "clicking" of a joint, having various aims, either to increase it's range and quality of movement, relax the musculature around it, or relieve pain

Articulation of a joint-this is a slower, gentler, rhythmic method of influencing the range of movement of a joint and influencing the tissues around it

Soft tissue techniques such as massage, stretching, muscle energy, and other techniques, aiming to effect various body tissues

Methods of treatment are selected, for example, according to a patient's symptoms, their wishes, other conditions suffered, and their age. Please note that if there is some form of treatment you do not feel comfortable with, for example some people do not like High Velocity Low Amplitude Thrusts, there will usually be other methods of treatment available.

Treatment may also naturally involve advice on ergonomics, diet, stretching and exercise, as well as any other appropriate factors.

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